About us


About Us

ForwardTheKindness is a platform that works towards connecting the Human-to-Human. Anyone who needs help can post the requirements, and anyone who can provide the help can connect with the needy. In this way, requests from the needy can reach many people, and the needy can get help very fast without any dependency on a third person. Those who received help should help someone else to create a "chain of help."

"Connecting Humans and touching Humanity" 

with the help of Machines and Humans.

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Our Mission

The Founder

I am Yash Sharma, a learner, a fighter, and a passionate technologist. I come from a country where we have limited supply and unlimited demands; I consider technology an apt bridge to balance inequality. This is one step to minimize the gap. I have Google Home as AI assistance in my home, and in another corner, I have Diya(Candle) in front of god. This reflects my traditional side and also taught me that science and humanity go hand to hand. I learn kindness and empathy by seeing, by doing, NOT by listening.

Two incidents in my life taught me big lessons about life. I went to the orphanage with my parents, and during dinner, we had pizzas with 38 children of the orphanage. I came to know they were having pizza for the first time. I was so surprised, but actually, I was more guilty of how many times I threw Pizza in the dustbin. One year back, another incident happened when I met one boy waiting for his prosthetic leg for 8 months. This gave me the vision to build this platform.


I am pleased to launch this site, and thanks from the bottom of my heart who helped me, guide me, and encourage me in this campaign. It was a journey; I have gone through many ups and downs, failures, learning, support, and finally achieved my goals.

Today ForwardTheKindness is ready, and I know it is NOT an end; it is a beginning, with the confidence that this platform will help many souls.


Our Mission